Who is KIM and why is he/she such a damned hypocrite?? www.kah81.wordpress.com/2011/07/27/media

Who the heck is Kim and why should anyone care??  I have no Earthly idea.  All I know is that when I started, WordPress listed a BUNCH of blogs with similar tags so I checked out the first on the list….a brain child of a person named “Kim,” who refers to CASEY ANTHONY as “The C Word.”  Clever, eh?  Yeah—not so much.

Anyway, funny enough, that brain cell is shared by one Shannon Stoy, aka, Blinkoncrime, who had this, um….”genius” idea (?) to refer to Casey Anthony as “The C Word” so as to circumvent google, yahoo, bing, and the like from realizing these 8 million message boards do nothing BUT discuss Casey Anthony 24/7.

It’s the blogger-universe way of using pig-latin, I suppose.  To talk about CASEY ANTHONY at length, while pretending to drop the subject and move on.  Move on to……legislation, petitions, hate mail, Ebay auctions, despising Geraldo Rivera…in the case of Shannon Stoy, maybe even refiling a grievance against Ms Anthony’s (YES—THAT C WORD) attorney, Jose Baez.  The first one failed…but that was before Ms Stoy’s coded language.  Perhaps her next set of briefs will refer to defendants by c words, b words, and other school yard taunts.

So why even bring up a no-name like Kim, who is just following the trend…mentioning Ms Anthony as the C word and parroting other ideas from Blink’s site?  Well, to be sure, Kim is no Hemingway so her writing isn’t the reason for the mention in this column….no, she gets the honor of being called out because Kim made sure to NOT mention Casey’s name (while employing Blink’s new moniker), but stupidly, Kim decided to use tags for her post and seriously typed out: CINDY ANTHONY, CASEY ANTHONY, and CAYLEE ANTHONY.

Way to go, Kim.  Nice to use the REAL names so you get the attention you crave while paying lip service to Blink and all your pals.