Sayonara, VALHALL, don’t let the door hit ya………

by messageboardpowertrips

Okay.  Who didn’t see it coming?  Valhall, in a snit, closed shop——-deleting years worth of work from her contributors!  Yes, Hinky folks…you’re welcome.  Without notice, your stuff is gone. 

(Val was shamed into providing you all a read-only board.  Promised last Sunday and coming “soon.”)

Ok.  Val was having a breakdown.  Her readers all saw it, her inconsistent chiding for weeks…. and then spitefully, she pulled the plug and hit ERASE!  Nice……..

Did Valhall consult her mods, whom everyone thought she had a good relationship with, based on her advertising that she sent them Mother’s Day” mandibles?” 

Did Valhall toss them the keys—-saying she was overwhelmed and feeling unbalanced because people hated Cindy Anthony?????  Well, based on her mods posts on subsequent threads asking “What Happened to the Hinky Meter?”  they seemed as unaware as Val’s readership.

Is this REALLY what to expect from someone so immodest as to publish MANY weeks of “Critical Thinking” blogs?  LOL—holding herself out as the teacher??  LOL!!!  Nah…I never thought so when she had the audacity to publish… as she was the very same blog poster to SHUT DOWN what drew every single reader to her blog…the Casey Anthony trial as soon as it ended. While readers were still realing (that is why they joined) and Val steamrolled on…so much better than her readers.  BUT..was she, better than her readers, afterall?  Clearly not.  Now she claims to have “issues.”  Indeed!

Now for the question folks are PMing me from Niecy’s site and Reality Chatter…..Val was able to send Linda Drane Burdick a gift basket with her “Hinky Money,” generated by readers ad money to her site.  And then? Nothing.  No one thought she would simply decide to do that, but when she did?  That left the question about just how much Hinky generated.

Val promised an accounting of the income and yet….shut her site down without a peep to any site admin.  So where’s the money he promised to account for since LDB’s gift basket in July?

Is THAT Hinky?  YOU BET!