And BLINK, with her “insider info” ad nauseum

by messageboardpowertrips

I only visited wordpress to call out Valhall, but I had so many emails about BLINK and her promises about tracing the Cindy Anthony money trail (from 3 years ago) and her teases about the Anthony plumbing—guaranteed to BLOW THE CASEY CASE WIDE OPEN—ya know, as soon as she is “able” to tell her readership the dark secrets.  LOL!!!!! 

 And since Blink can’t reveal (journalistic HA integrity) let’s call Casey the “C-Word” and have that suffice over the truth!!  Yeah.  That’s the ticket!!


While Blink folks are poking around the internet…where is PART 3 of The West Memphis THREE saga, promised you over 6 months ago?  You remember?  Blink has PROOF of their guilt and she started the series before their release. 

She has to keep waiting (and waiting and waiting) for permission to let you all see Part 3.  I am SURE it will be on her site any minute now…so keep clicking!

Rejoice that it isn’t published so you can skip the comments.  Blink will recite “YOUR RIGHT,” while murdering any grammar skills a third grader knows…but better—-REJOICE that you don’t have to scroll through 18 separate (and equally boring) diatribes of MOM 3.0 playing devil’s advocate, while finding a way to insert poster’s names directly into her pea soup of an unsolicited reply!

Whew.  No updates on an old story (or the Casey Anthony saga, of which she is an insider!!)… from Blink, as she hides behind some fake journalistsic cred, that she never earned, and a bored Mom 3.0,  who spends hours killing threads and boring everyone to tears.

Keep those secrets, BLINK!   We’re sure that as time goes by, it makes it more likely you are keeping secrets for the integrity of a re-trial.  Uh, no.  Can’t be that!  

We’re sure you are keeping the secrets about Cindy’s financials and the Anthony plumbing now…uh, because…uh, well?  Actually, there IS no reason why!  Damn.  That’s what your readers thought all along.  What could the reasons possibly be at this point??

And while you claim to “sit on” crucial information about little Caylee’s case?  Don’t hestitate to mention Caylee’s “mama” doll and pull at the heart strings about how you have to defend the babies murdered by the West Memphis Three, while you can”t be bothered to publish what you promised.  Noooo.  Keep hiding behind the victims, Shannon.

Sean Krause was right, Shannon Stoy is a bored housewife…but baby murder vicitms aren’t a popularity contest or a “draw” for blogs you promise and never print.  Shame on you. 

Are you ready to drop the fascade of “insider info” on the Anthony case and tell the truth?  “YOUR WELCOME!”