Who IS Miss James at Websleuths? And why has no one explained SPACING??

by messageboardpowertrips

Try reading www.websleuths.com  Just try it.  Aside from being grossed out by the overweight Twinkie-eater extraorinaire who runs the place…you’ll be exposed to commenters on the site.

Miss James, (comma, space) perhaps you need a refresher? 

It’s COMMA and then space…not space, comma, blur of words that no one can read.

Is that a really hard rule for you to follow??  You LOVE to comment and apparently (sad-face) LOVE the comma.  Here’s what your words look like

I know ,but

Doesn’t that look SO WRONG to you?  Guess not as 4,000 comments have that comma issue.

(Are you not wanting to gouge your own eyes out that the comma is right after the word “know.”  SPACE.  And now the word …but??)

Amazed that you never get it right…even by accident.  Odds are on you to get it right…even just once, MISS JAMES.  And here’s hoping………..