Shannon Stoy/Blink34/BlinkonCrime…BOC Bored Housewife?

by messageboardpowertrips

Years ago, I used to read a site that the (now deceased) Sean Krause kept up called “ThedailyBS.”  He kept most everyone in line on the Anthony case—he emailed Mark Nejame, interviewed the REAL Zenaida, and he had a big, fat opinion about the likes of Blink, aka Shannon Stoy, and other bored housewives.

After Sean’s death, Shannon went on to file a complaint against Jose Baez that was summarily dismissed.  (OR, DISSED AND DISMISSED….) in his favor…..seems someone who claimed to have so much against the Anthonys and their foundation would have EASILY won against a creature like Baez.  Yet?  She didn’t.

Blink34 was summarily banned from her perch at Websleuths and then started a little known (yet blinking, funny enough—blinking- ad riddled site) with the help of  some monkeys.

Blink has been claiming “insider info” for years—as well as a “relationship” with Melich, Mark Nejame, Leonard Padilla….and about anyone with a pulse.


YET…!  Her “column” gives the reader nothing but salacious promises and no return.  No damned wonder Sean Krause found her such an easy target–a twice divorced housewife with nothing better to do, aside for perhaps fight for custody of blink and blinkette??   (I dunno if he had that right…but he was never far off the mark about Ms Blinker)

Why don’t Blink’s followers simply demand the truth, instead of misspelled words in bolded print (and will Blink/Shannon ever realize that YOUR is misspelled, since she constantly types that for the contraction YOU ARE +YOU’RE???)? 


 She has over-promised….financial 411, some kind of BS about a plumber, clogged drains,  and why Cindy was so “upset” over the clogged drain?  Maybe Blink’s  just a-waitin’ to buy a Momma doll?  Yeah…I don’t think so.  She is lying and so few on her site call her out (they just fade away).

So what’s up with Blink and why is her name is apropros?  She claimed it was after Malcolm Gladwell’s novel “Blink,”  but clearly…as her readers ask (over and over) about the drain on the Anthony property and all her insider 411, Shannon Stoy BLINKS.  HARD!!  While she Blinks, she can’t see your comments….

Fess up, Shannon….you have been called out for years now.  This BS of insider info?  Maybe your Canadian ragdolls buy it.


Spill it.  You know Sean Krause called you out and now that the case is over?  What is left to hide behind??