TIME TO MOVE ON ( NOW!!!! ’cause I said so, damnit!!!)

by messageboardpowertrips

There are very few who were NOT stunned by the Casey Anthony verdict—-her present and former lawyers included.  For years, I followed along with many sites, read all the discovery, and on July 5th, I was absolutely awestruck.  I know I was not alone.


What is ironic, now, is that the very sites (all of which had ads and were profitting during those three years) have had threads dedicated to “moving on.”


Sure, it’s harder for some than for others….so why should the owner of a message board decide when that time would be appropriate?  I dunno, but they sure as hell feel entitled.


Val has a whole “Moving On” thread, as does Websleuths and Blink–most original–has decided to tell her followers to use “The C Word,” instead of Casey Anthony’s name because that will “fool” the internet into not knowing what the discussion is about—–while she and her blind followers use CASEY ANTHONY as a tag for the blog entry.  DOH!!


People can move on…or not….at their own pace.  Whether someone accepts or rejects the verdict, it still stands.  Being shocked doesn’t change anything any more than the bazillions of petitions do!  These sites that encourage all to “move on, move on,” post petitions and boycotts. 


Now if you want to let folks wallow, post all these petitions and let them THINK they are helping (petitions are USELESS!)  But to continually haraunge people to MOVE ON while allowing the time wasting petitions and ideas to “use initials” is assinine.


Moreover—-if you are so damned upset and want everyone to move on, then why not remove the damned ADS from your site and inspire the change you are encouraging?