Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies (Your fav blog hosts LIE to you)

by messageboardpowertrips

As a (former) follower of ValHall and BlinkonCrime, I wanted to open a site of my own to speak out.

In light of the horrific verdict in the case of Casey Anthony, I have been increasingly disappointed in both Blink and Val.

Val has had a haughty response (originally from her London trip). According to Val, the jury was “off limits,” yet once she was home and aware of what we’d all known, she claimed that once the jury spoke, she could no longer support her edict.

Blink has spent the whole trial claiming to “insider info,” that she would reveal after the verdict. NOW…Blink claims she will reveal at a later time. Clearly, she’s got nuthin’.

So Val, as pointed out this evening by some FIERCCE followers…is guilty of a “do as I say and not as I do” site (thanks Eccossie) and Blink still has “followers” begging for her insider info….even though as Shannon Stoy, she filed a case against Baez and lost.

Let’s don’t get started on Websleuths—Tricia Griffith having Lenny Padilla as a guest, despite her readers (who pay her advertising bills on her site) begging her NOT to…

Anyone want to dish these Casey Anthony sites who have made this all about themselves?

And yes, we can talk about the biggest fame whore of all….Marinade Dave!