Dishing about the crime message boards you visit

And BLINK, with her “insider info” ad nauseum

I only visited wordpress to call out Valhall, but I had so many emails about BLINK and her promises about tracing the Cindy Anthony money trail (from 3 years ago) and her teases about the Anthony plumbing—guaranteed to BLOW THE CASEY CASE WIDE OPEN—ya know, as soon as she is “able” to tell her readership the dark secrets.  LOL!!!!! 

 And since Blink can’t reveal (journalistic HA integrity) let’s call Casey the “C-Word” and have that suffice over the truth!!  Yeah.  That’s the ticket!!


While Blink folks are poking around the internet…where is PART 3 of The West Memphis THREE saga, promised you over 6 months ago?  You remember?  Blink has PROOF of their guilt and she started the series before their release. 

She has to keep waiting (and waiting and waiting) for permission to let you all see Part 3.  I am SURE it will be on her site any minute now…so keep clicking!

Rejoice that it isn’t published so you can skip the comments.  Blink will recite “YOUR RIGHT,” while murdering any grammar skills a third grader knows…but better—-REJOICE that you don’t have to scroll through 18 separate (and equally boring) diatribes of MOM 3.0 playing devil’s advocate, while finding a way to insert poster’s names directly into her pea soup of an unsolicited reply!

Whew.  No updates on an old story (or the Casey Anthony saga, of which she is an insider!!)… from Blink, as she hides behind some fake journalistsic cred, that she never earned, and a bored Mom 3.0,  who spends hours killing threads and boring everyone to tears.

Keep those secrets, BLINK!   We’re sure that as time goes by, it makes it more likely you are keeping secrets for the integrity of a re-trial.  Uh, no.  Can’t be that!  

We’re sure you are keeping the secrets about Cindy’s financials and the Anthony plumbing now…uh, because…uh, well?  Actually, there IS no reason why!  Damn.  That’s what your readers thought all along.  What could the reasons possibly be at this point??

And while you claim to “sit on” crucial information about little Caylee’s case?  Don’t hestitate to mention Caylee’s “mama” doll and pull at the heart strings about how you have to defend the babies murdered by the West Memphis Three, while you can”t be bothered to publish what you promised.  Noooo.  Keep hiding behind the victims, Shannon.

Sean Krause was right, Shannon Stoy is a bored housewife…but baby murder vicitms aren’t a popularity contest or a “draw” for blogs you promise and never print.  Shame on you. 

Are you ready to drop the fascade of “insider info” on the Anthony case and tell the truth?  “YOUR WELCOME!”

Sayonara, VALHALL, don’t let the door hit ya………

Okay.  Who didn’t see it coming?  Valhall, in a snit, closed shop——-deleting years worth of work from her contributors!  Yes, Hinky folks…you’re welcome.  Without notice, your stuff is gone. 

(Val was shamed into providing you all a read-only board.  Promised last Sunday and coming “soon.”)

Ok.  Val was having a breakdown.  Her readers all saw it, her inconsistent chiding for weeks…. and then spitefully, she pulled the plug and hit ERASE!  Nice……..

Did Valhall consult her mods, whom everyone thought she had a good relationship with, based on her advertising that she sent them Mother’s Day” mandibles?” 

Did Valhall toss them the keys—-saying she was overwhelmed and feeling unbalanced because people hated Cindy Anthony?????  Well, based on her mods posts on subsequent threads asking “What Happened to the Hinky Meter?”  they seemed as unaware as Val’s readership.

Is this REALLY what to expect from someone so immodest as to publish MANY weeks of “Critical Thinking” blogs?  LOL—holding herself out as the teacher??  LOL!!!  Nah…I never thought so when she had the audacity to publish… as she was the very same blog poster to SHUT DOWN what drew every single reader to her blog…the Casey Anthony trial as soon as it ended. While readers were still realing (that is why they joined) and Val steamrolled on…so much better than her readers.  BUT..was she, better than her readers, afterall?  Clearly not.  Now she claims to have “issues.”  Indeed!

Now for the question folks are PMing me from Niecy’s site and Reality Chatter…..Val was able to send Linda Drane Burdick a gift basket with her “Hinky Money,” generated by readers ad money to her site.  And then? Nothing.  No one thought she would simply decide to do that, but when she did?  That left the question about just how much Hinky generated.

Val promised an accounting of the income and yet….shut her site down without a peep to any site admin.  So where’s the money he promised to account for since LDB’s gift basket in July?

Is THAT Hinky?  YOU BET!



Shannon Stoy/Blink34/BlinkonCrime…BOC Bored Housewife?

Years ago, I used to read a site that the (now deceased) Sean Krause kept up called “ThedailyBS.”  He kept most everyone in line on the Anthony case—he emailed Mark Nejame, interviewed the REAL Zenaida, and he had a big, fat opinion about the likes of Blink, aka Shannon Stoy, and other bored housewives.

After Sean’s death, Shannon went on to file a complaint against Jose Baez that was summarily dismissed.  (OR, DISSED AND DISMISSED….) in his favor…..seems someone who claimed to have so much against the Anthonys and their foundation would have EASILY won against a creature like Baez.  Yet?  She didn’t.

Blink34 was summarily banned from her perch at Websleuths and then started a little known (yet blinking, funny enough—blinking- ad riddled site) with the help of  some monkeys.

Blink has been claiming “insider info” for years—as well as a “relationship” with Melich, Mark Nejame, Leonard Padilla….and about anyone with a pulse.


YET…!  Her “column” gives the reader nothing but salacious promises and no return.  No damned wonder Sean Krause found her such an easy target–a twice divorced housewife with nothing better to do, aside for perhaps fight for custody of blink and blinkette??   (I dunno if he had that right…but he was never far off the mark about Ms Blinker)

Why don’t Blink’s followers simply demand the truth, instead of misspelled words in bolded print (and will Blink/Shannon ever realize that YOUR is misspelled, since she constantly types that for the contraction YOU ARE +YOU’RE???)? 


 She has over-promised….financial 411, some kind of BS about a plumber, clogged drains,  and why Cindy was so “upset” over the clogged drain?  Maybe Blink’s  just a-waitin’ to buy a Momma doll?  Yeah…I don’t think so.  She is lying and so few on her site call her out (they just fade away).

So what’s up with Blink and why is her name is apropros?  She claimed it was after Malcolm Gladwell’s novel “Blink,”  but clearly…as her readers ask (over and over) about the drain on the Anthony property and all her insider 411, Shannon Stoy BLINKS.  HARD!!  While she Blinks, she can’t see your comments….

Fess up, Shannon….you have been called out for years now.  This BS of insider info?  Maybe your Canadian ragdolls buy it.


Spill it.  You know Sean Krause called you out and now that the case is over?  What is left to hide behind??

Who IS Miss James at Websleuths? And why has no one explained SPACING??

Try reading  Just try it.  Aside from being grossed out by the overweight Twinkie-eater extraorinaire who runs the place…you’ll be exposed to commenters on the site.

Miss James, (comma, space) perhaps you need a refresher? 

It’s COMMA and then space…not space, comma, blur of words that no one can read.

Is that a really hard rule for you to follow??  You LOVE to comment and apparently (sad-face) LOVE the comma.  Here’s what your words look like

I know ,but

Doesn’t that look SO WRONG to you?  Guess not as 4,000 comments have that comma issue.

(Are you not wanting to gouge your own eyes out that the comma is right after the word “know.”  SPACE.  And now the word …but??)

Amazed that you never get it right…even by accident.  Odds are on you to get it right…even just once, MISS JAMES.  And here’s hoping………..

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies (Your fav blog hosts LIE to you)

As a (former) follower of ValHall and BlinkonCrime, I wanted to open a site of my own to speak out.

In light of the horrific verdict in the case of Casey Anthony, I have been increasingly disappointed in both Blink and Val.

Val has had a haughty response (originally from her London trip). According to Val, the jury was “off limits,” yet once she was home and aware of what we’d all known, she claimed that once the jury spoke, she could no longer support her edict.

Blink has spent the whole trial claiming to “insider info,” that she would reveal after the verdict. NOW…Blink claims she will reveal at a later time. Clearly, she’s got nuthin’.

So Val, as pointed out this evening by some FIERCCE followers…is guilty of a “do as I say and not as I do” site (thanks Eccossie) and Blink still has “followers” begging for her insider info….even though as Shannon Stoy, she filed a case against Baez and lost.

Let’s don’t get started on Websleuths—Tricia Griffith having Lenny Padilla as a guest, despite her readers (who pay her advertising bills on her site) begging her NOT to…

Anyone want to dish these Casey Anthony sites who have made this all about themselves?

And yes, we can talk about the biggest fame whore of all….Marinade Dave!

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TIME TO MOVE ON ( NOW!!!! ’cause I said so, damnit!!!)

There are very few who were NOT stunned by the Casey Anthony verdict—-her present and former lawyers included.  For years, I followed along with many sites, read all the discovery, and on July 5th, I was absolutely awestruck.  I know I was not alone.


What is ironic, now, is that the very sites (all of which had ads and were profitting during those three years) have had threads dedicated to “moving on.”


Sure, it’s harder for some than for others….so why should the owner of a message board decide when that time would be appropriate?  I dunno, but they sure as hell feel entitled.


Val has a whole “Moving On” thread, as does Websleuths and Blink–most original–has decided to tell her followers to use “The C Word,” instead of Casey Anthony’s name because that will “fool” the internet into not knowing what the discussion is about—–while she and her blind followers use CASEY ANTHONY as a tag for the blog entry.  DOH!!


People can move on…or not….at their own pace.  Whether someone accepts or rejects the verdict, it still stands.  Being shocked doesn’t change anything any more than the bazillions of petitions do!  These sites that encourage all to “move on, move on,” post petitions and boycotts. 


Now if you want to let folks wallow, post all these petitions and let them THINK they are helping (petitions are USELESS!)  But to continually haraunge people to MOVE ON while allowing the time wasting petitions and ideas to “use initials” is assinine.


Moreover—-if you are so damned upset and want everyone to move on, then why not remove the damned ADS from your site and inspire the change you are encouraging?

Who is KIM and why is he/she such a damned hypocrite??

Who the heck is Kim and why should anyone care??  I have no Earthly idea.  All I know is that when I started, WordPress listed a BUNCH of blogs with similar tags so I checked out the first on the list….a brain child of a person named “Kim,” who refers to CASEY ANTHONY as “The C Word.”  Clever, eh?  Yeah—not so much.

Anyway, funny enough, that brain cell is shared by one Shannon Stoy, aka, Blinkoncrime, who had this, um….”genius” idea (?) to refer to Casey Anthony as “The C Word” so as to circumvent google, yahoo, bing, and the like from realizing these 8 million message boards do nothing BUT discuss Casey Anthony 24/7.

It’s the blogger-universe way of using pig-latin, I suppose.  To talk about CASEY ANTHONY at length, while pretending to drop the subject and move on.  Move on to……legislation, petitions, hate mail, Ebay auctions, despising Geraldo Rivera…in the case of Shannon Stoy, maybe even refiling a grievance against Ms Anthony’s (YES—THAT C WORD) attorney, Jose Baez.  The first one failed…but that was before Ms Stoy’s coded language.  Perhaps her next set of briefs will refer to defendants by c words, b words, and other school yard taunts.

So why even bring up a no-name like Kim, who is just following the trend…mentioning Ms Anthony as the C word and parroting other ideas from Blink’s site?  Well, to be sure, Kim is no Hemingway so her writing isn’t the reason for the mention in this column….no, she gets the honor of being called out because Kim made sure to NOT mention Casey’s name (while employing Blink’s new moniker), but stupidly, Kim decided to use tags for her post and seriously typed out: CINDY ANTHONY, CASEY ANTHONY, and CAYLEE ANTHONY.

Way to go, Kim.  Nice to use the REAL names so you get the attention you crave while paying lip service to Blink and all your pals.